Skill Matrix

Skill Matrix
Updated Friday 21 July 2017
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I have other skills as well. Experience varies based on most recent project and time. Review above links. See code samples. Ask questions. And thanks for having a look.
Term Proficiency (1-10) Years Experience Last Used Note
ActiveMQ 7 1 2006 Used this JMS implementation at
Agile/SCRUM 8 11 current Used by most companies I've worked with since 2005, most notably Cisco.
Algorithms 9 25 current Depth first recursion over BTrees, etc. Of course.
To answer a common interview question, see my hashtable implementation here:
Ant 8 15 current Used in earlier Java projects.
Apache Commons 8 4 2007 Used off and on, mostly at Altera in the mid 2000s.
Assembly Language 8 30 current Learned early in my career for various processors. Used on robots and other personal projects. PIC Micro most recently.
BASH 9 15 current I maintain an Openstack based server farm and use BASH all the time.
C 7 15 1980s to mid 2000s Used in the 80s and 90s. Wrote many projects and a couple of Mac games in C. Wrote parts of the MacOS in C and C++.
C# 0 0 never Would like to use it sometime. I hear there's a version that now works in open source environments.
C++ 7 15 1990s, mid 2000s Used at Apple, Netscape, OpenCountry, Amazon. You can doanload some C++ sample code from my Code Samples site.
CDT 5 2 2005 Used the Eclipse C Developers Toolbox at Altera.
CSS 8 5 current Used on personal websites and other places.
CVS 8 20 2010 Used at Netscape and various other comapnies extensively. Wrote CVS manual for Hotmail and did some CVS admin.
Design Patterns 9 20 current Factory, Singleton, etc. Of course. Used many places. Purchased the original Design Patterns book when it was published in 1994.
Eclipse 9 12 current I use Eclipse for everything. I have even written plug-ins for Eclipse. See my Github page.
Eclipse Plugin Development (PDE) 8 1 current I recently developed a nice Eclipse plugin and will donate it to the Eclipse Foundation (am a member). See it on Github. See project page at
GCC toolchain 7 5 2010 Set up and used on many projects under Linux. Mostly for embedded systems projects these days.
Git 9 5 current I use Git for everything including this website.
I have a Github account at:
Gnu Debugger 4 2 2005 Used off and on, under Eclipse for remote debugging.
Gradle 8 1 2016 Used recently at Cisco and NASA.
Hardware / EE 4 30 current PIC / Raspberry Pi. And associated LEDs, and power transistors to drive three phase motors. I make things that go blink in the night. :-) See PIC 3 color LED demo.
Yes. To ME, full stack means Python/Java all the way down to hardware.
Hibernate 8 2 current Used in a few recent projects.
HTML5 7 5 current Used on this website among other places.
Java/J2EE 8 18 current I learned Java in 1998 while at Netscape and use it to this day. I know many standard Java APIs and several newer ones.
JavaScript 5 1 2000 Learned JavaScript a long time ago. Prefer Angular.js these days.
JAXB (Java XML Binding) 8 2 current Used on several projects including some of my own. Preferable to old school object serialization for portability.
JAX-RS (RESTful JAXB) 8 2 2015 Used on several projects including some of my own.
JBoss 7 1 2006 Used at Everyone uses Tomcat, Jersey these days.
Jenkins 8 2 2016 Used in most recent Cisco project, See resume.
JMS (Java Message Service) 7 1 2006 Used at Everyone uses Apache Kafka these days.
JNI (Java Native Interface) 8 2 2009 Used at Lab126. The graphics code I wrote for the Kindle had to communicate with a system in C called MicroWindows. Also wrote power management code that talked to DBUS via C.
JQuery 1 1 2002 Used as part of the Quicksilver project at Mediagate, with XSLT.
JSON 9 3 current Used a lot lately to pass data between Java and Python. See latest Cisco, Jersey, JAXB, Python dictonaries. Web services. REST.
JUnit 8 10 current Used a lot for automated testing and TDD (test driven development) during development. Many of my projects use JUnit.
Linux 8 20 current Used all the time on just about every project. Also maintina my own servers / private cloud.
Log4j 8 15 current Used often, many projects.
Macintosh (coding) 6 6 1998 Worked on the original MacOS, but have not coded much for OS-X.
Maven 7 1 current Many open source projects distribute and build via Maven. Also used at Cisco.
Mercurial 7 1 2013 Same as GIT. Used at DirecTV.
Node.js 7 1 2016 Used at Cisco for a few months.
NoSQL (MongoDB) 7 1 2015 Used at Cisco for a few months.
OOP: Object Oriented Programming 9 25 current Yes of course. I live and breathe Encapsulation, Method, Message Passing, Polymorphism, and Abstraction.
Open Source Tools 9 18 current Am femiliar with many and use all the time.
Openstack 8 2 current I run my own Openstack cloud and am a frequent contributor to Openstack-Operators. Used Openstack at Cisco and wrote code for it. See Cisco ESC project in resume.
OSGi 7 1 current I wrote an Eclipse plugin which is OSGi based. See project page at
Perl 7 2 2005 I wrote my first Perl code creating a guestbook for the Kaubki West website in 1995. Again on a couple of othre projects. But not a lot lately. I reteach myself Perl every 5 years or so.
PHP 7 2 2012 Used at OpenCountry and LinMin. You can download some PHP sample code on my site.
Python 8 3 current Used a great deal lately. See Cisco. I love Python.
RESTful API Development 8 3 current See Web Services / REST
Spring 8 2 Current Used at Used Spring container recently plus REST. There is a lot to Spring, which modules do you want to know about?
SQL 8 5 current Used on many projects, but largely thru Hibernate ORD. Currently working on a project using JDBC directly, MariaDB on Mac / Linux. Will post code to site soon. See REST.
SVN 8 6 2013 Used a lot at Amazon and DirecTV. Similar to CVS.
Test Driven Development 8 12 current Almost all my projects involve TDD. It is a common practice.
Tomcat 9 15 current I have been using Tomcat ever since it was Tomkitten. First at Mediagate in 1999. Used on many recent projects. My preferred servlet container.
Virtualization Environments 8 10 current Started with VMWare / VShpere / ESXi. Usage mostly. Little API coding. Use Openstack for the most part these days. I run an Openstack private cloud here in Sunnyvale.
VMWare 8 10 current See Virtualization Environments
Web Services / REST 8 3 current Developed code for RESTful web services in last two positions at Cisco. See above technologies. Tomcat Jersey / JAX-RS / both Hibernate and direct JDBC / SQL (MariaDB) and NoSQL (MongoDB, briefly) all in Java, using Python as well. Developed on Macintosh under Eclipse and deployed on Linux. Also developed RESTful services at LinMin for Cisco Server Provisioner, 2012. See resume.
Windows 4 4 1992 Not since the early 90s. Wrote a texture mapping application for ModaCAD on both Mac and windows when Windows 3.1 first came out.
XML 9 15 current Used all the time on many projects. Started back in 2000 with xml4j (Java).
XPath 6 4 2002 Used as part of the Quicksilver project for Mediagate. Not used in a while but XPath is pretty straightforward.
XSLT 8 4 2002 Build a nice framework based on Java and XSLT for the Quicksilver project at Mediagate XSLT is the killer app for XML.
Zookeeper 6 1 2015 Worked with Zookeeper and MongoDB as part of the MOS project at Cisco. We used Zookeeper to exchange data between three nodes while running in HA mode.