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Thursday Nov 21 2019
No longer seeking new opportunities but send job descriptions anyway via e mail.

San Francisco Bay Area only (or remote). Fulltime permanent or Contract to hire only. 180k/year 90/hr. negotiable of course.
Java back-end, Spring, REST, Cloud (Azure etc), iOS / Swift, plug-in dev, other interests. See Skills matrix.

This FAQ serves a quick go-to for recruiters. It would make a nice additional section to a LinkedIn profile.

Contact info - 415 385 4865 - Skype live:d650ce4bd893e57a

Quick Access to Important Links
1. Resume', updated, in Word format. Click link to download latest resume. ---> Resume <---- updated 10/23/2019
2. Skills Matrix - shows skills, years experience, knowledge level, last used
Keywords: Java 8, J2EE, Java back end, C/C++, iOS, Hibernate, Spring, Openstack, Python, Linux, Embedded, Virtualization (many more, click link)
Java experience, 20 years. Total professional experrience, 30 years.
3. Frequently Asked Coding Questions and Answers
This should save us all some time during phonescreens. Please feel free to ask any questions you like.
4. My LinkedIn profile.
5. My GitHub public repositories and projects.
6. My Career page. A deeper dive into my professional life.
7. My Eclipse Editor Sessions Plugin project.
8. I am an occasional contributor to StackOverflow.
9. A good read for potential employers. My Workplace Culture writeup.

Frequently Asked Questions
I want to thank you very much for taking the time to look at this FAQ.
Quite understandably, all recruiters need to know this information. I wrote this in an effort to save time for all of us.
If there is anything else you need to know that is not covered here, please don't hesitate to ask.
Thank you again for reading! :-) Please feel free to contact me at your convenience.
1. Name. Christopher T. Hull
2. Is this your legal name? Yes.
3. Contact phone number. 415 385 4865
4. Contact email address.
5. Skype ID. live:d650ce4bd893e57a or: 415 385 4865
6. LinkedIn profile.
7. GitHub account.
8. Personal website. (you're looking at it now!!)
9. Work Authorization, Legal status.
What is your VISA status? Can you work legally in United States?
Do you require H1-B sponsorship?
I am a US citizen. I do not require any kind of sponsorship. I was born here.
My father's side of the family has been here since before the revolution. My Great Great Grandfather Isaac Hull served as Captain of the USS Constitution during the War of 1812.
10. Please provide us with an updated resume. -----------> You can download my updated resume from here.
Click to download my latest resume in Word format:
Click to view my latest resume in PDF format:
11. How soon can you interview face to face. I need at least 48 hours notice before any on-site interviews. This depends entirely on any other scheduled interviews.
12. How soon can you conduct a phone screen. I need at least 24 hours notice. I'm on the phone all the time these days.
13. How soon can you start? Two weeks after an offer is accepted.
14. Hourly rate 90+ per hour on w2
Full time perminant or contract to hire preferred.
Equity can also be a part of my compensation. I am more motivated by interesting projects than money.
I made 68 at my last position at Cisco, but the market has greatly improved since then.
I have seen offers as hight as 118/hr.
15. Annual Salary 180+ per year
I can be flexible. My preference is for full time work. This is what I usually do. In startup situations, equity can also be a part of my compensation. I am more motivated by interesting projects than money. Current contract is at 80/hr (equal to 160k/year)
16. Are you currently working? No. My contract at Cypress Semiconductor just ended.
17. Where do you live? I live in Sunnyvale California
Sunnyvale is near San Jose, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Northern California, USA.
18. Are you willing to relocate? No.
I am married, own a home here, and Silicon Valley is the center of the technological universe.
19. Month and Day of your birthday July 20
20. Will you be taking any vacation soon? No plans for vacation anytime soon.
21. What positions are you seeking? Software research and development. Areas of interest, cloud virtualization with Openstack / VMware. Also like embedded systems. Like developing full stack code, mostly server side, REST Java Python Hibernate SQL JDBC.

Supplemental FAQ
1s. Where can I find more detailed information about your career, interests and hobbies. I have been maintaining a personal website since 1998.
More recently, I have added a Career Page to it.
To learn more about me, see or .
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2s. How far are you willing to commute? I live near San Jose.
I am willing to commute as far as San Francisco, which is a one hour drive, but would prefer the South Bay, Silicon Valley area.
3s. What are your ideal roles? Backend Java or Embedded Java on Linux. C/C++ is fine. I also love Python. I love devices and code for them in my spare time. Would love to learn iOS / Android and am working on an app. Also love the cloud and maintain a virtual server farm based on Openstack.
On the other side of the spectrum I have done my most recent work with OpenStack / VMWare on a highly scaleable platform at Cisco. This involved Python, Java and Node.js. I recently built a great Hypervisor (i7quadCore 4ghz 32gb rackmount) for myself that runs OpenStack.
4s. What types of companies do you like, small?... large? I'll work anywhere if the project and people are interesting. But I tend to like startups. Work/life balance is also important. I will take my work home with me, but I won't kill myself over a job.
5s. May we do a background check? Yes. I have no criminal record.
6s. May we do a financial background check? (this position involves writing code to handle money, eBay / PayPal for instance.) Yes. BTW, my credit score is 750 when last checked two years ago. No bankruptcies, divorces or dependents.
7s. Do you have a security clearance (government position)? Yes. I have a security clearance thru NASA Ames Research.
42. What is your shoe size and type? 9 1/2 E / cowboy boots.
42.1 Do you own your own space suit?
(Position requires coding in a vacuum.)
Click here.
8s. Can you provide references from both managers and coworkers? Yes, see LinkedIn. I have many written recommendations from coworkers and managers alike, including my most recent work at Cisco. You may contact them either via LinkedIn, or I can provide e mail addresses.
9s. Do you have any certificates or citations
I've been writing code as long as the desktop computer has existed. I have worked on high profile projects such as the Macintosh Operating System and the Kindle. My extensive engineering experience should be more than sufficient.
10s. Do you have a college degree? No, but I did attend Cal State University Northridge where I studied Computer Science.
I dropped out to go to work for Apple Computer. (also see item 23)
11s. Do you hold any patents? Yes,
I am a Kindle patent holder and have other software patents as well.
See LinkedIn and my site.

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